Born in Como, Italy, in 1973 and raised in a multicultural environment by his Italian father and Swiss mother, surrounded by watches since his birth, Nicola became passionately interested in the world of horology at a very early age.
Even during his studies, he spent considerable time in the factories following the old process of manufacturing watch components and following the development and production processes.
Graduating in Business Administration in 1996, he then left for Asia where he worked for different watch companies in the design and manufacturing fields.
Back to Switzerland in 2001, he worked in Geneva and Milan as a consultant for various prestigious watch brands.
In 2002, Nicola started the creation of unique timepieces under the brand "N.O.A.".
Nicola concluded that not much had been done in terms of style and design in the watchmaking industry, especially by the traditional Swiss brands. This thought led him to create the first N.O.A 16.75 Collection, showing exceptional engineering innovation.
Each N.O.A. watch is still the expression of his personal taste, his knowledge of watch-making and the desire for always making something new.
N.O.A. remains a completely independent family business.
Under the management of Nicola, together with his father, Alberto, and thanks to the expertise of the team working behind the scenes, N.O.A. is rapidly achieving worldwide recognition and an impressive development to becoming a leading name in luxury timepieces.